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Betrayal and Hope: The Chuck Season Finale

From what I’ve read around the Internet, the response to the Chuck season finale has been positive, maybe even overwhelmingly so.  Fans have loved the twist at the ending, and are looking forward to seeing how it plays out in a fifth and final season, now that we know for sure that Chuck has been renewed for another 14 episodes come fall.

But can I respectfully disagree?

I didn’t like it.  And I’m someone who has watched Chuck from the very beginning, who owns it on DVD, and who is thrilled there is going to be a fifth season.  I’m a fan--a huge fan--of the show, and I see the unbelievable elements of the show (I could give examples, but I’d be here all day) as a key part of what makes the show great, rather than a reason to write it off.



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