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Welcome to Fantasy Matters!

Fantasy MattersA few years ago, three friends got together and organized a conference on fantasy literature in Minneapolis, Minnesota called Fantasy Matters.  Over 100 people showed up to talk about the importance of fantasy literature--in the things they were writing, in the scholarship they were doing, and in the books they were reading--and we started a lot of great conversations.

This website is a way for us to continue those conversations that we started back in 2007, and for us to start new ones about the impact that fantasy (and its related genres) has on us as readers, writers, viewers, gamers, teachers, and human beings.  We think there's a lot to be said, and we hope that this can become a place in which we can say it.

Our official launch date is June 1, and we hope that you come back then and become part of the conversation!



Hi, Jen,

Great idea! I look forward to contributing a few thoughts along the way! Mark I.