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Fantastically Fun Fridays: September 2, 2011

To celebrate the start of our series on key episodes of Dr. Who, we're featuring Dr. Who-themed fun this Friday!  For starters, here is this fun shirt available over at Woot! that brings two great time-travellers together into the same place in space AND time:

It Came Out Of Nowhere

Some other fun Dr. Who links we found for you this week:

  • Buzzfeed has compiled some of their favorite Dr. Who fan art.  I like the nesting dolls--remember, they're bigger on the inside! (Buzzfeed)
  • If the current Dr. Who cast went to Hogwarts, which houses would they be assigned to?  Here's one answer--let us know what you think (about both this cast, as well as previous casts) in the comments! (Flick Filosopher)
  • Another project for the crafty among you--knit your own TARDIS socks!  (And then when you're done, knit me and Kat some, too.) (Witty Little Knitter)

And one final, non-Dr. Who link, but one that fits in with Tia's and my posts about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--here is an awesome letter that Roald Dahl wrote to some students who wrote asking him about one of his short stories. (Buzzfeed)

Happy weekend, everyone!



Okay, so this leaves out the Doctor, but it brings in another time warrior to go with the DeLorean:

If you've never visited the site, "How It Should Have Ended," you're missing out. The best one for me was Harry Potter. But I digress even further. Great shirt!