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Fantastically Fun Fridays: July 29, 2011

As our Hugo Week draws to a close, we'd like to again remind you that you can still vote for your choices for the Hugos-membership information for Renovation is available here, and you have until July 31, 2011 (Sunday) to vote.  As Kat's post earlier this week mentioned, you have the power to shape the direction of the fantasy and science fiction genres with your votes and your nominations, and we'd encourage you to become an active participant in the process.

We also hope that you enjoyed our coverage of the Hugo-nominated novels, and that you take the time to vote for your favorite in our own poll.  Let's see if we can successfully predict the winner in the Best Novel category!

Here are some other things we found floating around the Internet this week...

  • Gollancz to make hundreds of out-of-print scifi/fantasy novels available as eBooks. (Booktrade)

And finally, I find this last one particularly interesting:

If you're feeling creative this weekend, figure out the playlist for your favorite scifi/fantasy character, and let us know what you come up with in the comments!



Sometimes I've run across lyrics that fit particularly well for a couple characters--maybe not what they'd listen to, but amusing similarities. For Loren and Elfangor of K.  A. Applegate's Andalite Chronicles, someone online posted a list of relevant Dar Williams songs: "Closer to Me," "I Saw A Bird Fly Away," "Mercy of the Fallen," "I Had No Right," and "The One Who Knows." Also, Squeeze's "Annie Get Your Gun" is totally the plotline of Revenge of the Sith. ;)